TOP TEN SAFE SEX CHRISTMAS PRESSIES for after those mistletoe moments!

1. Personalized Condoms

Write your own xmas message for that special person in your life…

2. Christmas cracker (Not for kids!)

These specially made crackers have the usual paper crown and snap when you pull the ends, but they also have an adult treat such as tasty lube or a flavored condom, a Christmas AmuseMint peppermint candy with fun holiday message and a little chocolate. Just make sure they don’t get mixed up with the Christmas dinner crackers, imagine trying to explain that to Granny, yeeekkk!

3. The active cookbook

For the cooks out there…how about the ‘Cookie sutra’? A great book full of things to make and do!

4. Candy-cane adult ‘toy’ for some seasonal fun!

No explanation required!

5. Micro safty

How about some mini-condoms, great for that ‘joke’ pressie for the guy that’s been driving you mad all year.

6. Christmas bedding

Functional sheets complete with side pockets, great for storing your condoms, toys or the remote control. You’ll never need to hop out of bed to reach for your condoms again!

7. Red and green festive Condom pops, just a bit of fun. Remember flavoured condoms should only be used for oral sex!

8. Condom pouches.

These practical and fashionable inventions are great for both girls and guys. If you’re having or planning on having sex you should be carrying condoms. There should be no shame in carrying condoms but these pocket size pouches are a great way to avoid pulling out a condom whilst reaching for your wallet when you’re out for coffee with your mum.

9. How about some water-based lubricant

What a great stocking filler. With so many to choose from it really comes down to personal choice, but if you want a suggestion why not try woohoo a water-based organic lubricant. Great name and hey its organic so you’ll have some good clean fun!

10. E-pill PillPak Case with Alarm for Birth Control Pills

Never forget to take your Birth Control Pill again with this ingenious pill case! Women now have their own pill reminder that fits right into your purse or make-up bag. A present which you can both benefit from!

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