Aims & Objectives

Support Services

  • Provide support to people with HIV and their loved ones, as well as people with a sexual health crisis/problem.
  • Provide opportunities for people with HIV to live healthy lives by broadening their perspectives on the possibilities available to them and provide them with material support if appropriate.
  • Participate in policy development aimed at improving service delivery in the western region.
  • Provide respite weekends for HIV positive people and their carers.
  • Provide helpline support to anyone who is worried about or potentially facing a sexual health crisis.

Education Services

  • Enhance sexual well-being by the provision of responsive and innovative training programmes to schools, community groups, youth organisations, etc. and work in conjunction with state agencies to provide these programmes where appropriate.
  • Work with the HSE and community groups in the development and delivery of “Train the Trainers” programmes to schools, community groups, etc.
  • Provide educational programmes to community groups on drug and alcohol abuse and the implications on sexual behaviour and transmission of infections.

Awareness /Information

  • Develop awareness campaigns, provide information material, encourage media involvement and hold events that will educate the community on HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and sexual health.
  • Provide a Helpline Information Service on HIV and STIs.
  • Participate in research on prevention and care.
  • Publish a quarterly newsletter “Happiness is Vital”.
  • Participate in related local/national meetings and networks/associations in order to develop and maintain models of best practice.
  • Provide information/Education on our website and App.

Outreach Programmes

  • Provide outreach services to young people who are potentially at risk and who are not in contact with other services.
  • Provide outreach programmes for at-risk groups i.e. gay community, asylum seekers, prisoners, plus many others, in the form of education, support, advice and free condoms etc.
  • Ongoing use of technology to provide information on HIV/STIs, such as maintaining up-to-date information on our website and App.
  • Draft and publish leaflets, posters, brochures and booklets on sexual health matters for information and distribution to health clinics, doctors surgeries, seminars, conferences etc.

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